Shambhala Level 1 'The Art of Being Human' - Niveau 1 'l'Art d'être humain'

Date: Friday 22 September 2017 (20:00 -21:30) Saturday 23 September 2017 (09:30 -18:00) Sunday 24 September 2017 (09:30 -18:00)
Teachers : Acharya Barbara Märtens & Deputy Minister of Economy Pillar Faradee Rudy
Coordinator : Thomas Demyttenaere
Contact person : Thomas Demyttenaere
General : €120
Member: €75
Students under 26 and low income: €75
This introductory weekend meditation program explores and deepens the basic technique of mindfulness meditation - Weekend d'introduction à la meditation : Explorer et approfondir la technique de base de la méditation de la pleine conscience.

By settling our minds we begin to see the magic of the world beyond our habitual filters, we experience the power and fulfilment of resting in the present, and we begin to glimpse that goodness—rather than confusion— is the unconditional ground of our existence. Opening to ourselves with gentleness and appreciation, we begin to see our potential as genuine and compassionate human beings.

In addition to meditation practice, the weekend includes talks by Acharya Barbara Märtens and Faradee Rudy, one-on-one and group meditation instruction and discussions, and opportunities to socialize and make new friends with fellow participants.

About the teachers:

Acharya Barbara Märtens is a senior Shambhala teacher. She is trained in cultural pedagogy, Zen-arts and contemplative psychology. She teaches Maitri Space Awareness practice and other contemplative approaches to art, work, and to life in general. Her special emphasis lies in training sense perception and creative expression in individual and group work. She is a Shambhala and Buddhist teacher with more than 20 years of practice. Today she is a member of faculty in Karuna and Upaya, an organization for contemplative psychology, health and art. She has two grown up children and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Faradee Rudy lives in Brussels, Belgium and is the Development Director for the Sakyong Potrang - the seat of the Shambhala global community. 

Faradee has been a meditation practitioner since 2000, an authorized teacher in Shambhala since 2010, and has taught at numerous retreats and meditation centers and other organizations in both North America and Europe. She serves as the Deputy Minister of the Economy Pillar of Shambhala, the Economy Pillar Representative on the European Council,  and as the Lead Emissary for the Shambhala Household Mandala.



En apaisant notre esprit, nous commençons à voir la magie derrière nos filtres habituels.

Nous faisons l'expérience de la force et du bien-être que nous découvrons quand nous nous détendons dans le moment présent. Nous commençons à entrevoir que la bonté - plutôt que la confusion - est le fondement inconditionnel de notre existence. Quand nous nous ouvrons à nous-mêmes avec bienveillance, nous commençons à voir notre potentiel en tant qu’êtres humains authentiques. 

En plus des séances de méditation, le weekend est composé de causeries par Acharya Barbara Märtens, enseignante senior de Shambhala et Faradee Rudy, de discussions de groupe et face-à-face et d'instruction individuel, ainsi que de moments informels permetant de mieux se connaître entre participants.

Le programme sera enseigné en Anglais, mais nous prévoyons de la traduction vers le français. Entrentiens individuels sont offerts en français également.