Contentment in Everyday Life

Wednesday 8 November 2017 (19:00 -21:00)
Wednesday 22 November 2017 (19:00 -21:00)
Wednesday 29 November 2017 (19:00 -21:00)
Wednesday 6 December 2017 (19:00 -21:00)
Wednesday 13 December 2017 (19:00 -21:00)
Teachers : Shastri Brian Hilliard & Deputy Minister of Economy Pillar Faradee Rudy
Coordinator : Thomas Demyttenaere
Contact person : Thomas Demyttenaere
General : €75
Students under 26 and low income: €60
This course consisting of 5 evening classes is an experiential training in mindfulness and appreciation. It is open to all and includes meditation instruction and practice, teaching and conversation.

We all experience thoughts or feelings of inadequacy, that nagging sense that we're just not good enough. This atmosphere of self-judgement can build until there's a palpable tension between our basic sense of self-worth and who we think we "should" be.

Insecurities may always arise, but when we interpret these thoughts and feelings as cold hard facts to be acted upon, dissatisfaction devours our time and energy, and life becomes a chore. 

By letting go of the struggle to be something "better," we can make space for our inherently intelligent, compassionate, and strong nature to flourish. The Contentment in Everyday Life course is an experiential training in mindfulness and appreciation. By opening to our natural state of being, we begin to feel a simple worthiness (or contentment) that makes life less forced and more enjoyable.

In the Contentment in Everday Life Course we'll work directly with the following topics through instruction, meditation, and discussion. 

Class Topics 

Class 1: Making Friends With Ourselves  
Class 2: Resting in the Present Moment 
Class 3: Meeting Obstacles with Patience 
Class 4: Working With Strong Emotions 
Class 5: Celebrating Our Natural Abilities 


"Fascinating, helpful and inspiring."

"I always leave feeling better than when I arrived."

"It's as though by ackowledging what is true we can start to be less lonely."